Frequently Asked question

Do Top Inc . have all heavy equipments in stock?

There are some inventory but not all products .
Thanks to handling experience over the years, a number of heavy equipments become available in shorter period .

Because it is a purchase from long distance,
overseas, there is anxiety

Our professional staffs can deal smoothly with overseas customers.
English speaking staffs are always available in office.


The price is quoted and settled in Japanese Yen .
Please note that transaction may discontinue when your payment is not confirmed.

Transfer of ownership and documents of vehicle inspection

All ownership documents are transfered at the time of delivery .

Clients who want to know the purchase price for sale

Please feel free to contact us .
Approximate purchase price is indicated upon receipt of information about the specification and the current condition of equipment.
Depending on the region and the kind of equipment , we are ready to visit and quote.

Payment and timing to purchase heavy equipment

We will remit the payment to your designated bank at the timing of your delivery of heavy equipment .
And if you prefer a cash payment, we may visit to your location. .
Please do not hesitate to ask our help .

For the purchase of malfunctioned equipment

The purchase is decided depending on the degree of failure , the needs of the market or the parts utilization . Please contact us .